Psalm 37:3

Trust in the LORD and do good; Dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness.

Psalm 37:3

Every morning my phone dings with this gentle reminder.  Sometimes I am so busy with life I don’t see it for hours. Sometimes I am already on my phone escaping to Facebook, and my message immediately reminds me to hop off! Sometimes my kids hear my phone ding and run to bring my important message. It is an important message that I need everyday.

Trust in the LORD-Do not let this day be ruled by fear but by faith.  It’s not about trusting in my own capability or strength but in God.

Do good-In a world that operates in over-the-top, Pinterest-perfect, Facebook-flawless images “good” never feels good enough.  There is peace in the reminder that my work may not be perfect, but it is very good.  Keep on doing good, and do not get distracted by the expectations of others.

Dwell in the land-This is the life that I have been given.  This wonderful, messy, exhausting, loud, busy, beautiful life.  God wants me to dwell here in the present not pining for the past that was or a future that might be.  Today is about dwelling in the now, and doing the work set before me.

Cultivate faithfulness-To cultivate: “to try to acquire or develop a quality, sentiment or skill.” Remain steadfast even in the hard days. It is perseverance in the mundane where faithfulness is developed.


One more day. Trust God.  Keep on doing the good work that has been given to me today, and faithfulness will follow.

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