Morning Time Plans

When I wrote Relational Recitation I purposefully did not prescribe a schedule to go with the material. I wanted to create something that was open ended so families could shape it to meet their unique needs and goals. However, I’ve been asked several times how we use recitation in our home so I decided it might be time to give examples.

Our memorization and recitation is woven in with our morning time.  I will attempt to give a simple sketch of what that has looked like the past two years.

Two years ago we began our morning time with prayer and a bible lesson. Then the children got out their memory binders.(Memory Sheet Yr 1) Our memory work was organized by weeks.  We would sing a hymn, recite the scripture passage for that term, then read or recite the work for that week.  We followed our memory work by reading a corresponding living book or doing map work.  We school in 6 week terms so our binders were organized with 5 weeks of memory work and a week of review.  Our poetry lessons consisted of sporadic poem reading.

Last year I decided to take a different approach, and I organized our recitation by days instead of weeks.  Only spending a week with the memory work as we had previous year felt rushed so I put together academic memory work, religious recitation, and a hymn for each day of the week and used that daily rotation for several terms. (Memory Sheet Yr 2)

I knew that morning time was taking up a more significant portion of our day so I moved it away from the table and into the family room where the little ones could wiggle. I made one memory binder with large print and pictures that I used like a flip chart instead of each child having an individual binder.  We added more reading each day and sprinkled in more singing to keep the little ones engaged.  We spent one term specifically studying poetry, and each of the kids worked on memorizing their individual poem.IMG_4711

Last week I began preparing to restart morning time after our summer break.  I looked at what we will be studying in science and geography and lining it up with our memory work.  Now that we have a few years under our belt I’d liked to work in time to regularly review some of what we have learned in the past couple of years.  I plan to go back to individual morning time binders, but we will use the index cards from Relational Recitation for our review.  We will add new hymns and scripture passages, and I am still figuring out how to weave in more poetry memorization without overwhelming or schedule.

I hope that these examples are helpful to anyone looking for more information on morning time.  If you need help getting started adding memorization to the school day be sure to check our my book Relational Recitation or my blog pages with memorization aids and scripture memory printables.

Here’s to another year of recitation, morning time and learning together!



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