Relational Recitaiton ebook

Relational Recitation is an ebook designed to help families who seeks to add memory work to their homeschool or summer break.  Relational Recitation can work for various styles of education.  It can compliment an existing curriculum and serve as a quick reference for a review of facts. A family can choose facts from the cover sheetbook that align with their interests, memorize them, and then explore with a simple unit study and living books.

Relational Recitation

  • Introduction into the important part memorization plays in our home (You can read more about why here!)
  • 5 subject areas: grammar, math, history, science and geography
  • 48 pages of memory facts, formatted to be printed on 3×5 cards


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“Friend, you will be so encouraged by this book! In the first part of the book, Tara writes honestly about how difficult it can be to teach children of varying ages and with different learning styles. She writes about the benefits of memory work, even in today’s technology saturated world. She then shares how she successfully implemented memory work in fun, relational, loving ways in her home.”

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SAMPLE Science Cards

Relational Recitation

SAMPLE History Cards